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 Recently, scholars have been perusing ancient manuscripts unearthed from a
 series of catacombs found sequestered under The Grand City of Aylor. These
 manuscripts detail the life of Talisin, the great minstrel, and his epic
 works of poetry. The poems describe the history of a strange group of
 of islands, collectively known as Annwn. Explorers, who have been relayed
 the tales of this place, have already pinpointed Annwn's location.

 Unfortunately, any attempts to enter the four sections of Annwn -- Pwyll, 
 Cad Goddeu, Preiddeu, and Harlech -- and return from them alive, have been
 unsuccessful thus far. It is written that an adventurer who manages to 
 enter, face the trials that each island has to offer, and come back alive,
 will obtain a satisfying reward. Many have tried and found that the 
 islands of Annwn are their final journey. Scholars fear that Annwn is 
 actually the portal to the afterlife.

 As the manuscripts that were discovered are severely damaged, only
 fragments of the text remain. The sparsely legible writings on the 
 manuscripts reveal mere hints of what awaits a brave adventurer that seeks 
 to find the real story.

 The first poem of Talisin seems to describe the island of Pwyll, where an 
 unjust ruler needs to be overthrown in order for the true king to reclaim 
 his rightful rule over the area.

 The second poem of Talisin, is about Cad Goddeu, where someone seeks help 
 to animate trees for a battle against the evil lord of Annwn.

 The third poem of Talisin, describes the island of Preiddeu, where Talisin
 himself can be found. He seeks assistance in obtaining a holy artifact.

 The fourth and final poem of Talisin, describes the island of Harlech, 
 where a marriage is in the midst of going terribly awry. The people here 
 are in need of someone to help fix the troublesome situation that is 

 Who is the adventurer that is wise enough to solve these dilemmas of 
 Annwn? The magic of the islands leaves these trials trapped in time, open 
 and available for anyone who is willing to attempt to solve them.

 Level Range         : 160 to 180
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : 170
 Goal Converter      : Broud & Guinness
 Area Author         : Broud & Guinness


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