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 Help Category : Utility.
 Related Helps : Practice, Showskill, Subclass.
 Last Updated  : 2019-02-08 09:40:56.

 Syntax/ Summary:

 Type 'allspells' to see all spells/skills in all of your current classes.
 Type 'allspells all' to see all spells/skills in the game.
 Type 'allspells <from level> <to level>' to filter by level.
 Type 'allspells <class / subclass name>' to filter by class or subclass.
 Type 'allspells <class> combat' to see combat spells/skills only.
 Type 'allspells spellup' to see only spellup type skills/spells.


 The 'allspells' command shows all skills and spells that a class or subclass
 will gain, in order of level.

 Abilities highlighted in yellow are subclass-specific skills (see 'help
 subclass').  Skills only available to other subclasses will not show in
 allspells, but will show with a red star in 'allspells <other class>'.

 'allspells <subclass>' will list only the skills and spells for that
 particular subclass.  'allspells <class> subclass' will list all spells in
 any of the four subclasses for that class, and which subclass(es) have 
 access to them.

 'allspells <class> combat' will list all combat spells for that particular
 class only.

 Using the syntax 'allspells <from level> <to level>' shows all the skills
 and spells that you will have in that level range.  It is a shorter version
 of using 'skills' and 'spells' to see what is coming in your next levels.