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Last Updated  : 2024-04-07 23:58:14.

Syntax/ Summary:

Type 'allspells' to see all spells/skills in all of your current classes.
Type 'allspells all' to see all spells/skills in the game.
Type 'allspells <from level> <to level>' to filter your available
spells/skills by level.
Type 'allspells <class / subclass name>' to filter your available
spells/skills by class or subclass.
Type 'allspells <class / subclass> all' to view all the spells/skills for
that class/subclass.
Type 'allspells <class> combat' to see combat spells/skills only.
Type 'allspells spellup' to see only spellup type skills/spells.


The 'allspells' command shows all skills and spells available to you at your
current class/level, in order of level.

Abilities highlighted in yellow are subclass-specific skills (see 'help
subclass').  Skills only available to other subclasses will not show in
allspells, but will show with a red star in 'allspells <other class>'.

'allspells <subclass>' will list only the skills and spells for that
particular subclass.  'allspells <class> subclass' will list all spells in
any of the four subclasses for that class, and which subclass(es) have
access to them.

Adding 'all' to the end of the above commands will show all available
spells/skills of that class/subclass.  Otherwise, you will only see the
skills/spells currently available to you.

'allspells <class> combat' will list all combat spells for that particular
class only.

Using the syntax 'allspells <from level> <to level>' shows all the skills
and spells that you will have in that level range.  It is a shorter version
of using 'skills' and 'spells' to see what is coming in your next levels.