A Genie

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 The beautiful genie is in need of someone to free her from her entrapment. 
 Many years ago she was taken prisoner by a heinous genie general and 
 everyone who has ever loved her has died trying to save her. Left unchecked, 
 the general's armies will continue to grow. If he becomes too powerful, 
 he will attempt to usurp control of the entire genie kingdom.  If this 
 were to happen, the future of the genies would be a very dark one indeed.  
 A strong warrior is needed to abolish this evil general.  

 Are you capable enough to help?

 Level Range           : 200 to 201
 Goal Difficulty       : Very Difficult
 Goal Recommended at   : Level 200
 Goal Min Level        : Level 200
 Goal by               : Wire and Nikkei
 Area Author           : Wire, Nikkei and Trollemite


 This is a very high level area that requires a large group of powerful
 characters to complete. This area is a morgue area- unclanned/outcast
 players dying in this area will suffer usual death penalties but will wake
 in the Aylorian Hospital with all their equipment.
 (recommended minimum group size: 20, no maximum)


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