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 It has long been an unspoken understanding in the realm that, alas, body
 odor is a very real issue. Past bug reports, numerous code tweaks, and a
 variety of other endeavours have attempted to deal with the so-called
 "Hidden Damage" bugs. In reality, the "Hidden Damage" was nothing more than
 a backlash effect of over-exerted, sweaty, raunchy aardwolf adventurers,
 so intent upon their slayings (for a meager 8 quest points, 10 if using
 the Malignant Cologne Compression Protocol), that they failed to notice
 chokingly gaseous poisons emanating from the folds of their bodies beneath
 their armour.

 For many adventurers, the stench of their own musk numbs their nasal
 sensors, rendering them completely unaware of the creeping tendrils slowly
 rending away the soft tissues of their brain. On some occasions, the
 lifting of an arm may serve to enlighten one of one's need to go jump in
 a river. Preferably somewhat further downstream than the local Watercourse
 itself, given its proximity to the city of Aylor and its incumbent masses
 of trash, waste, and excrement.

 In light of this decidedly fragrant epiphany, no doubt an enterprising
 individual has taken it upon themselves to seek a remedy for this
 widespread affliction. A series of experiments is likely underway, one of
 which would appear to include a combined exploration of both wearable
 equipment slots, and the depth of the realm's helpfile collection.

 The purpose of this experiment was, no doubt, twofold:
 1) To discover if, in fact, the "armpit" was actually considered, by the
 wise immortal rulers of the realm, to be an actual body part, or
 at the very least, an accoutrable locale.
 2) To discover if, beyond initial recognition as a body part, any prior
 research had been conducted in the area, regarding possible concealment,
 origin, or fragrance nullification.

 While I cannot begin to fathom the size of such an undertaking, I am
 positive and confident that the culmination of this research will be
 a well-informed posting on the ideas board, offering two possible

 1) Deodorant of Aardwolf: Accompanying the application of a new wear
 slot, namely "armpit", the Deoderant will be a treasure item, adding
 resistance bonuses against Air, Poison, and Disease damtypes. In the event
 of further adjustments to the stat system, ideally the inclusion of a
 "Charisma" stat, or something similar, the Deodorant will also offer bonus
 points in that attribute.

 2) The Permanent Cleanliness Wish (shortname: bath), a wish purchasable as
 a conjunctive extension of the Permanent Underwater Breathing Wish (gills),
 in a combination similar to that of Spellup 1 & 2.

 Both options will, as well, defend their owners against any further issues
 involving the "Hidden Damage" "Bug".

  --Contributed by Derar.