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 Last Updated  : 2013-03-18 23:07:33.

 If you are in an argument with another player and feel like you might be
 losing, these tactics will get you right back on track:

 1. If possible, insult the player's spelling or grammar. This is a time-
    tested method for hiding the fact that you have nothing of value to add
    to a conversation.

 2. If the player is senior to you in some way call them a nazi and tell the
    rest of the MUD they are oppressing you. This is particularly effective
    when arguing with an imm or a clan leader. Everyone you tell will 
    believe you no matter what the facts are; you can't lose!

 3. If the player created after you, even if it was 11 years ago, call them
    a noob and dismiss their arguments. When they reach your level of 
    experience then they will have an opinion at least worthy of you 
    bothering to tell them why it is wrong.

 4. If that isn't working, start to insult their mom, but do it in a veiled,
    sarcastic way that doesn't quite break the personal attacks rule. Be
    careful with this one; you might need to be British to really pull it

 5. If all else fails, just keep repeating the same argument or using the
   'nou' social on them.

 No matter what you do, don't ever ever EVER admit that new information
 presented during the discussion has made you realize that you were 
 mistaken. This is an unforgivable sign of weakness and breaks all known 
 forms of internet etiquette.