Index R

RACEINFO : Shows stat training costs by race.
RACESCLERIC : Information about Aardwolf races.
RACESMAGE : Information about Aardwolf races.
RACESPALADIN : Information about Aardwolf races.
RACESPSI : Information about Aardwolf races.
RACESRANGER : Information about Aardwolf races.
RACESTHIEF : Information about Aardwolf races.
RACESWARRIOR : Information about Aardwolf races.
RAGE OF INSANITY : Info on rage skills vs Rhabdo cskill
RAID-Bounty : Set a bounty on a raider's head.
RAID-Clanraidrules : Policy on PK clans / ability to raid.
RAID-Defend : Defending allies during raids.
RAID-Mazeinfo : How to get statistics on test raids.
RAID-Raiding : Overview of Aardwolf clan raiding.
RAID-Raidparty : Details on how to create a raiding party.
RAID-Raidstats : Description of the RAIDSTAT command.
RAID-Raidtimers : Information on the various raiding timeouts.
RAID-TestRaid : Information on test raids.
RATLING : Information on the Ratling Race.
RAU-CHULEGG : Demon Prince of one of the nastier hell dimensions.
RAW FLESH : Mentally removes the skin of the victim
RECALL : The ability to recall to Aylor from certain areas.
RECREATE : Command used to recreate a character.
REFRESH : Restores a character's movement points
REJUVENATE : Greatly increases the energy of its target
REMOVE CURSE : The ability to remove a curse from a person or item
RENEW : Allows the caster to heal a large amount of wounds.
REOWN : Change ownership on an item.
REPORT : Shows some of your stats to all in the room.
REST : Waking, resting and sleeping in Aardwolf.
RESTORE LIFE : Allows the caster to heal significant wounds on self.
RETIER : Quick help on how to tier.
RETREAT : A skilled warrior can flee in a specific direction
REUNION : Transports you to your spouse.
ROLEPLAY : Aardwolf's view on role-playing.
ROOM : Quickly display what room you are in.
Race Help : Information about Aardwolf races.
Racechange : Options for changing your character's race.
Racetalk : Talk with others of the same race.
Racewalks : Information on customized race movements.
Radiance Woods : Information on the Radiance Woods Goal.
Rainbow : Shoots a random ray of colored light.
Rally : A cleric can improve HR, AC, and Con.
Ranged Tactics : Notes and Tactics on ranged combat.
Ranger : Information about the Ranger class.
Rankings : Shows various sets of player rankings.
Rarekill : Information on the rare kill experience bonus.
Raven Scourge : Caustic poison that burns a target's armor
Rawcolors : Show MUD output with parsed color codes.
Ready : Information on the 'ready' command.
Realm of Deneria : Information on the area Realm of Deneria.
Realm of Infamy : The Realm of Infamy.
Realm of the Sacred : Information on the area Realm of the Sacred Flame.
Realm of the Zodiac : Discover the world of the Zodiac.
Rebellion of the Nix: Information on the Rebellion of the Nix area
Rebuild : Command used to retrain stats and select a new race.
Recharge : Allows replenishment of wands and staves
Recite : Information on using scrolls.
Recon : Grants the character greater understanding of their env
Recovery : Lists any recovery timers.
Recursion : Information about recursion.
Reforge : Information on reverting forged hammers.
Regeneration : A cleric can heal a great number of hit points
Rehallow : Priest ability to alter hallowed lights.
Reimbursement : Information on equipment reimbursement.
Reinforce : Allows a warrior to upgrade his/her armor
Reme : Information on the area Imperial City of Reme.
Remort : Information on Aardwolf multi-class system.
Remort Auction : Remort auctions (buying quest items cheaply).
Remove : Removes an item back into your inventory.
Rename : Changing your character's name.
Repentance : Damns the sinner for eternity
Replay : Store and later display tells for convenient reading.
Rescue : A fighter may rescue his stricken comrade
Research : Twinlobe's clan skill.
Resistances : Variable resistance value system.
Reskin : Change the properties of a skin.
Resonate : A psionicist can cause an object to vibrate
Respawn : Redirect for possible uses of the term
Restore : Global healing by the Immortals.
Restring : Allows you to get an Imm to customise what your equipme
Resurrection : Turn corpses into zombies bound into your service.
Retribution : Information on the Retribution clan.
Reveal : Reveals hidden creatures within a room.
Revelation : A cleric can improve their intellect for a short period
Revenge : Retaliation system for PK interference.
Reverse Alignment : Changes the alignment of a creature to the opposite of
Rhabdo : Information on the Rhabdo clan.
Righteous Anger : Summon righteous anger to destroy a foe.
Ring : Tells the owner of a Manor that you are waiting outside
River of Despair : Information on the area River of Despair.
Rogues : Information about The Lost Rogues.
Romani : Information on the Romani clan.
Rosewood Castle : Information on the area Rosewood Castle.
Roster : Sorted member list for clans and a few other groups.
Rsocial : Toggles the ability for others to social you remotely.
Ruler : Details on the 'ruler' command.
Rules : Rules of Aardwolf that you must know and understand.
Run : Aardwolf's built in speedwalk command.
Rune of Ix : Call upon mysterious powers to damage your foe.
Runprefix : How to use 'runto' and 'runprefix'
Runto : Automatically run to an area or find location.
raganatittu : Information on the area Raganitittu.
real life : Real life is a myth constructed by those who want to mi
reman : Information on the Reman Conspiracy area.
rezit : This help file explains Rezit\\