Help Keywords : Runto.
Help Category : Transport.
Related Helps : Find, Run, Runprefix, Speedwalks, areas.
Last Updated  : 2017-10-06 13:21:50.


    runto <area keyword>
    rt <area keyword>
    runto <location in 'find list'>
    rt <location in 'find list'>


Type 'runto <area keyword>' from Aylor recall to quickly run to an area.
Use 'find list' in Aylor to find shops and other important locations that
can also be used in place of the area keyword.

* Note: Type 'area keyword' to bring up the list of areas and the keywords 
        you can use to runto them. You can shorten this list by typing 
        'area keyword <word>' (try 'area keyword chaprenula's 
        laboratory' or 'area keyword terra').


The runto command automatically parses and executes directions given in the
'speedwalks' and 'find' commands. This is of particular use to players when
speedwalks have multiple parts (run, open door, run more) and do not have
clients which can easily parse these directions.

Use 'runto <area keyword>' to automatically run the speedwalk (from the 
'speedwalks' command) for that area. Use 'speedwalks keywords <search text>'
to find the area keyword. This version of the runto command only works from
the Grand City of Aylor (recall) unless you have a runprefix set (see below).

If an area has 'find' locations (use 'find list' to see), 'runto <find
location>' will execute the speedwalk from your current room to the specified

The 'runto' command will always check for an exact match before a partial
one, and will check for area keywords before find locations- e.g., 'runto
chap' will run to Chaprenula's Laboratory (speedwalk) rather than the chapel
(find location) in Aylor. If there are multiple matches for an argument, the
command will return possible speedwalks and their keywords.

Remember, using this command (or the equivalent) to do things such as "quest
request, runto area, hunt target, kill target, quest complete" automatically
is considered botting and is illegal. See 'help policies7' for details.

If you use a different starting location (e.g., clan recall, manor, or
Aardwolf Hotel) for your speedwalks, you may use the 'runprefix' command to
prefix runto commands with another string to bring you to Aylor recall. See
'help runprefix' for more information.