Help Keywords : Run.
Help Category : Transport.
Related Helps : Find, Runto, Speedwalks, Stop.
Last Updated  : 2023-08-30 21:23:44.
Syntax: run <speedwalk directions>

You can shorten a long walk to a far off place by using the 'run' command.
This can be parsed either as a direction preceded by a quantity, or as
individual directions stacked together (i.e., to move 3 north then 2 east
then 2 south, you could type 'run 3n2e2s' or 'run nnneess').  This only
works with the six basic directions, it does not work with any custom exits
or other commands (like opening doors or entering portals).

While running, you will be put into a super-brief mode which will only
display the room name you are passing through and the map, if it is toggled
on (see 'help map').  There are many advantages to using the 'run' command
over client-side speedwalks:

 * There is less spam with room descriptions and exits.
 * The client does not have to send individual directions, and the MUD will
   abort automatically after three consecutive failed movements.
 * The map shows your movement, but does not slow your run speed.  (See
  'help maprun'.)
 * The mud will save tells sent to you while running and let you replay
   them afterwards. (See 'help savetells').

Note- 'run' will not necessarily get you past aggressive monsters.  You are
running, but there is still enough time for them to stop you.  It
will also not prevent special programs from running when you enter a room.

See 'help runto' for information on Aardwolf's automated speedwalk system.

Some speedwalks contain semicolons; these are command separators.  zMUD
users may simply paste the speedwalk directly into the command line; other
client users will have to break the speedwalk into multiple commands
themselves.  (See 'help www' for a list of MUD clients.)