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Last Updated  : 2020-06-13 11:37:41.
Aardwolf has become a very large mud and it is impossible to keep track
of everyone's equipment and reimburse it when lost. Because of this, only
Aardwolf items and special trivia items can be reimbursed, and even then,
only in special circumstances. This file is (necessarily) long because it
hopes to clear up several areas of confusion on eq reimbursement.

- If you give your items to someone else to hold to bypass the need for
  keepflags while you remort (or for any other reason), and they lose them,
  they are NOT refunded. Quest items lost that were stored on another
  character other than your spouse, are gone. The only exception to this is
  if you give an owned items to someone and they refuse to return it. If
  it is owned by you and is on someone else's pfile, you have a right to
  get it back.

- If you leave items in a corpse and don't make it back in time (unless
  because of a problem at the mud's end in which case the mud would have
  been unreachable by everyone), the items are gone. We have already
  increased corpse times from 30 minutes to 3 hours to give everyone a
  fair chance at this, please don't ask for more.

- Items on non-archived players may be retrieved at a cost of 2 trivia
  points.  This will retrieve all owned equipment from that player, back
  to you.

- Upon divorce, both players will have their owned equipment returned to
  the original owner, free of charge.  If you wish to retrieve an item
  from a spouse without divorcing, you must pay the trivia point cost
  listed above.

- Archived spouses can be restored to retrieve equipment.  There is no way
  to retrieve equipment from a spouse (or any other player) which deletes,
  whether through their own will or as punishment.  It is often impossible
  to foresee these types of events, but there is nothing that can be done.

- The ownership flag is absolute. Whatever name is on an owned item is
  the unquestionable owner.

Protecting your equipment:

- Try not to drop quest items on the floor for any reason at all.  A lot of
  people tend to leave items on their manor floor for a spouse to collect
  later on. If the mud crashes, those items will be gone. There will be no

- Be careful with donating equipment. Donated items have a timer on them,
  after which the items will disappear and are gone from the game.

Reimbursement process:

If you lose equipment in a way not covered above, report it to imm (via 
personal board) as soon as possible.  Please provide as much information 
as possible- what type of item(s), keywords, serial numbers (if quest 
equipment), and any other differences with the item(s) involved.  

If the item(s) can be found on either your pfile or your spouses pfile 
at the last backup, is not found on someone else's pfile and does not show 
in the logs as reowned or sold, it can probably be restored. If the item
was held by someone else at the last backup, then take it up with that
'someone else'. 

A lot of work has to be done to recover lost quest items and every minute
spent doing that is a minute less spent developing Aardwolf.  False claims
will almost definitely fail and will not be taken lightly.