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Human    : The standard race. Jack of all trades, master of none.
Dwarf    : Short stocky folk with well balanced attributes.
Elf      : Wise and intelligent race. Make great mages.
Giant    : Very strong race but not too bright. Make great warriors.
Halfling : Short agile sneaky folk. Tend to be very good thieves.
Half-Grif: Strong magical flying race. Suited to all classes.
Troll    : Big, green ugly brutes with regeneration.
Sprite   : An invisible flying little faerie who excels at magic.
Quickling: Outcasts of the faeries. Very fast moving but weak. 
Dark elf : The drow, highly intelligent but with a bad attitude.
Centaur  : Half-human half-horse fearsome and strong beast.
Vampire  : Fearsome dwellers of the night. Masters of the undead.
Wolfen   : Natural hunters of the realm. Extremely agile.
Ratling  : Giant rat-like creatures. Good all-around race.
Diva     : Created by the Earth mother from the elements of nature.
Shadow   : Ethereal beings suited to spellcasting and thievery.
Triton   : Warriors of their natural habitat - the ocean.
Lizard   : Small mutant 'lizard men' expert in poisons.
Eldar    : Masters of magic and lore but poor fighters.

Refer to each race helpfile for details, for example 'help elf'. Also see
'help raceinfo' for training costs. See 'help races<classname>' for 
suggested races within each class.