Help Category : Utility.
Related Helps : Delete, Freeze.
Last Updated  : 2011-12-10 07:36:46.
Syntax: recreate <password>

The 'recreate' command is used to restart your character from the beginning
without having to delete and reconnect to the mud. It is of particular use
to people playing from sites that are closed to new users.

To recreate, you must type 'recreate <password>' twice. The first time will
give a warning and the second time will put you back at race selection in 
the character creation process.  Note- once flagged for recreation, typing
'recreate <password>' again at any point (until you quit) will cause you to

If you lose link during creation, the mud will know that you are an old
character in recreate and will restart you at race selection next time you

WARNING: Recreation effectively deletes a character and recreates it; it is
just a shortcut for your convenience.  Any equipment you are carrying is
removed from the game and any clan membership, marriage, lottery tickets,
rankings, manors etc., are removed.  Storing your equipment for use after
recreation is illegal; see 'help multiplaying' for more information.