Help Keywords : Runprefix.
Help Category : Transport.
Related Helps : Speedwalks, Runto, Run.
Last Updated  : 2017-09-27 13:41:53.
Syntax:  runprefix              : Display current runprefix.
         runprefix [commands]   : Set a new runprefix.
         runprefix clear        : Clear current runprefix.

A runprefix may be set to parse commands prior to executing the speedwalk
in the 'runto' command. This is useful for characters with an alternative
starting point for speedwalks (such as clan recall or Amulet of Aardwolf).
It does not affect 'runto' with a find location.

Simply 'runprefix <command>' to set your runprefix. For example, if you own
a manor and go west and then south twice to get to Aylor recall, use
'runprefix run w2s'. If you are already at Aylor recall, your runprefix will
be ignored. You may even just want a simple runprefix to travel down. In 
this case you could use 'runprefix down' or just 'runprefix d'.

You may stack multiple commands with runprefix; simply separate commands
with a semicolon. For example, 'runprefix hold (123456);enter;d' to hold
an Amulet of Aardwolf with serial number 123456, enter it, and go down to
get to Aylor recall and start the speedwalk.

Note that some clients will parse the semicolon. Find your client's "escape
character" (often a tilde (~) or comma) and use that before the semicolon-
"enter~;d").  You may opt to temporarily turn off parsing instead; see the
bottom of 'help desc' for an example of how to do this. For MUSHclient in 
most cases you will need to double the semicolon ("enter;;d").

For help on how to setup and use the runprefix command in Aardwolf: