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Last Updated  : 2015-01-29 20:42:28.

These are the rules of Aardwolf.  These rules are here to provide an even
playing field for all players and to allow for a community free of 
harassment and abuse for our members. There are few absolutes and we all
make mistakes from time to time, but please try to stick to the spirit
of the rules.

By playing Aardwolf, you are implying agreement to follow these rules even
if you may not agree with what the rules say.  Continuously ignoring 
and/or breaking these rules is taken as indication that you no longer wish 
to continue playing Aardwolf and we shall act accordingly.

This helpfile lists only the basic backbone of the rules.  We expect
players to follow the spirit of the rules, not just the letter of the law;
if you think you have found a way around the letter, you can be fairly sure
you are violating the spirit and will be treated no less harshly.  Still,
we have details available of what exactly the rules mean, so further
information can be found in the "Policies" helpfiles listed below.  Do not
think, however, that following even the most precise wording is any excuse
for ignoring the spirit of the rules.

Remember, if you're not sure whether something is illegal, assume that it
is unless an Immortal tells you otherwise- but feel free to ask!

1) Keep language at a PG13 level in public areas.  For this reason, the
   'curse' channel has been added.  If you are under 18 or offended by bad
   language, leave this channel off.  Do not use MXP or extended characters
   on public channels or in public places. (See 'help policies1'.)

2) No multiplaying.  Your characters cannot be online at the same time or
   aid each other in any way.  The same character cannot be shared by more
   than one player.  (See 'help policies2'.)

3) No personal attacks.  Keep arguments out of public forums.  Take care of
   what you can on your own, but continued harassment will get the Imms
   involved.  (See 'help policies3'.)

4) No kill-stealing/interfering in others' fights.  (See 'help policies4'.)

5) If you find a bug, or think you might have found a bug, report it; do
   not abuse it while it is broken.  (See 'help policies5'.)

6) No powerlevelling or helping others quest.  Following somebody around
   and aiding them without grouping is illegal.  (See 'help policies6'.)

7) You play the game, not a script.  Gaining anything while AFK (gold,
   items, experience) is not allowed.  (See 'help policies7'.)

8) Except for commands involving your password, anything has the potential
   (however unlikely) to be logged.  (See 'help policies8').

9) Do not spam commands, especially on channels.  (See 'help spam'.)

10) Do not help others evade the rules or imm-imposed punishments.

11) Do not advertise other MUDs on Aardwolf.  You may discuss them in
    private, but there are several other resources (, Usenet* groups, etc.) for advertising; other MUDs are not the
    appropriate place to do so.  Aardwolf expects its players to not
    advertise on other MUDs and expects the same in return.

12) Aardwolf has a robust raiding system targeted at high level, powerful
    characters. For rules specifically affecting raiding, please read
    'help policies9'.

13) Selling your Aardwolf character, or quest points, trivia points, 
    equipment, etc for real life cash or services is forbidden. See 'help
    policies10' for more details on this.

14) Not everything can be documented, we face new situations daily. If an
    imm asks you to do something, feel free to ask for their reason, but
    you must do as asked. If you feel it was unfair, write a note to 'imm'
    on the personal board and it will be reviewed fairly. The outcome will
    always be based on what makes the most sense for the game overall and
    not with the assumption that "the imm was right". This rule overrides
    all other help files and all other rules.

15) The "intervention" rule. If you are playing for 3 days straight or 
    averaging 20 hours a day for months at a time with no break and are
    not a bot or a shared character, we reserve the right to force you to
    take a break from Aardwolf for your own health. If we make a mistake
    and you really are a bot or sharing a character and there is no risk
    to your health at all then please let us know so that we can correct 
    our wrongly applied "intervention rule" actions.

Also see 'help conduct' for acceptable/unacceptable general behavior.
Specific guidelines for certain aspects of Aardwolf are often covered in
their own related help files; make sure to read help files carefully and

Remember, who and what you are when you turn off the computer is of zero
consequence here.  On Aardwolf, you are determined solely by your words and
actions in this realm.  Please, think before you type.