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Clan raiding is a highly specialized activity for high-level, experienced
characters that want to try their hand at beating another clan's defenses.
This is no easy task- with clan defenders, other allies, clan mazes, and
guards, the odds are typically stacked against a raiding party.

For real raiding, you have to be in a PK clan to raid. You can only raid
a clan that you are hostile or at war with, and cannot raid alongside  
members of other clans that are at war with your clan. 

There is a feature built into the MUD where groups of players at least
level 200 can go on test raids against a selection of test mazes. See
'help testraid' for full details on this. The information below is 
specific to real raids on other clans, although the mechanics of creating
a raid party are mostly the same.

In order to start a raid, one member takes the lead and forms a raiding
party, which is done via the 'raidparty' command and costs 100 quest 
points to create. This person may then recruit other people into the 
raiding party and appoint up to two other leaders. A raid party may have 
at maximum 50 members, but only a limited number of raiders can be in the 
clan maze at any given time. 

When members die or suicide out of a clan maze, there is a time limit 
before they can re-enter, so a much larger party is required to succeed. 
During a raid, items can only be sent to raiders in the maze by people in 
their party, so this is another reason to have many non-combat members. 
These quantities are all listed via the 'raidstats timers' command.

Once recruiting is complete, the raiding party is targeted towards a clan. 
There is a short time (again, listed in 'raidstats timers') before the
raid party can begin invading the target clan.  At this point, all members
of the party get a (Raider) flag and can be PKed mud-wide by members
of the targeted clan and their allies for the duration of the raid plus 
some additional time afterward.

Once the timer is expired, members of the raiding party (and ONLY members
of the raiding party) may 'invade' the targeted clan. Once the raid is
officially under way, the raid either succeeds within a certain time limit
or has automatically failed. 

The raid is considered successful when a raider buys an item from the 
targeted clan's store. At this point, no more members can be recruited
/removed from the raiding party, the raid timer is set to 30 minutes and 
each member of the raiding party can only buy a limited number of items. 
In order to be able to save with those items, a raider must escape the clan
area and then use the syntax 'clear raidflags'. If they suicide out of the
clan maze or die, the items will be removed. 

Whether successful or not, the targeted clan has a grace period before they
may be targeted again, giving them time to make changes to their defense if

On the defending side, there is a limit of external defenders that may
enter the clan maze to help the targeted clan defend. This is listed in
'raidstats timers'.  They can communicate through the 'dtell' command.
More information about defender abilities and restrictions can be found in
'help defenders'.  There is no limit to in-clan defenders, and clan members
in their own clan hall may attack any invading player regardless of level.

Once a raid is over, members of the raiding party can be openly killed by
the targeted clan and their allies for several hours. Do not take part in
a raid lightly. The 'raidstats' command shows who can target you and for
how long. Clan members can use 'who raidpk' to see people that can be 
openly attacked by them.