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In another dimension, the battle for the world was not won by the forces
of good and the demon spawn ravaged the world for centuries until every
source of life was extinguished. As the demons fed upon each other, one of
them rose to the top, Zhamet, deemed himself Lord of the globe, and turned
it into an Inferno as he waged war upon those who could challenge him. But
soon Zhamet ruled upon a shell of a planet, a black lifeless husk where the
only forms of life were his legions of the Damned. He needed a new toy.
Reaching across the infinite choices of time, the Demon King found
Aardwolf and stretched forth a claw to touch the planet.

The followers of Zhamet were spreading like plague on Aardwolf, bringing
his name and bloodshed along. They fought insanely, they slaughtered their
enemies without mercy, they died quickly too. Over the years it was all
the same. Some of the templar began to feel uneasy about that and among
them Cho-Manno. He spent years in the temple library looking for a way to
stop this madness. And he found it. Long time ago, during the war of
demons, Zhamet defeated an opposing spirit called Ramos, who was fighting
for the good and banished him to a dimension he could not leave. Secretly
Cho-Manno gathered templars with similar opinion on Zhamet's acting and
they performed a ritual to summon Ramos and succeeded. Zhamet was so
focused on conquering more and more for his own that he haven't noticed the
threat rising in his ranks. Ramos taught his followers skills that would
help them against the dark minions and finally they launched a massive
attack on Zhamet's fortress amidst the planes. Zhamet called his minions
and soon the dark templar emerged from the warp gates and a large battle
began. The rebels were heavily outnumbered, so they summoned Ramos himself
to fight Zhamet and bring victory to their side. And so Ramos attacked
Zhamet himself. After a long fight Zhamet managed to hit Ramos with a
deadly blow and all seemed lost for the rebel Templar. But Ramos channeled
all his remaining powers through his body and threw them at Zhamet. The
godly essences fought in Zhamet's body, melted together killing both Zhamet
and Ramos, and formed a new god, Dak'kon.

When their gods disappeared the templar stopped without breath. But soon
the fight started again. Seeing this Dak'kon unleashed his unspeakable
powers and all warriors froze at once. And he spoke to them with a voice of
authority. He showed them that both holy fury and evil power lead only to
death. He showed them that he is BOTH Zhamet and Ramos and that their kind
will only survive if they fight together. He told them that it is only
their faith that can keep him alive and their kind strong. He told them
that he'll bring a new blood, heroes and villains, those that will help
them restore their order. And so they started a new life. Shadow Wardens,
Lightbringers and the Keepers of balance existed together, growing strong
in faith to Dak'kon, performing rituals to his name and fighting those who
dared to oppose them. And they grew more strong than ever before.

Dak'kon's Web Temple contains more info about the templars and their ways
(url in 'claninfo rhabdo').