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Last Updated  : 2016-09-13 16:41:54.
Syntax:  catchtells       : Stores all tells sent to you.
         savetells        : Stores tells received while running/fighting.
         replay           : Displays all saved/caught tells.

These three commands are part of Aardwolf's tell-catching system.  Combined
with the 'replay' command, catchtells and savetells will store tells until
it is a convenient time for you to read them.

'savetells' will store any tells sent to you while in the middle of a 'run'
speedwalk (see 'help run') or while in combat.  'catchtells' overrides this
option and catches ALL tells sent to you.  

With either of these options on, you will be informed that the player has
sent you a tell, both when it occurs and when any run or fight ends.  The
player sending the tell will be informed that you are catching tells.

'replay' will show any tells currently saved in your buffer since the most
recent of 1) when you last logged in, 2) when you last toggled catchtells
or savetells on, or 3) the last time you typed replay.  The variable %t in
prompt ('help prompt') will display the number of waiting tells, and will
be reset to 0 when you 'replay'.  If you check tell history (see 'help
tell') with tells waiting, it will also clear the waiting tell count.

If you idle out with saved tells that have not been replayed, the MUD will
automatically post you a note on Personal board with the missed tells.  See
'help note' for how to access these notes.