Index H

HALF-GRIFFON : Information about the Half-Griffon race.
HALFLING : Information about the Halfling race.
HEAL : Commands for enlisting help of healer NPCs.
HEALING : Basics of when/how to recover hp, mana, moves.
HEALING TOUCH : Allows the caster to heal another's wounds.
HEAT SHIELD : Reduces the effectiveness of all fire based attacks.
HERBAL REMEDY : Use natural remedies to cure ailments.
HISTORY01 : The history of Aardwolf, part 1: In the Beginning
HISTORY02 : The history of Aardwolf, part 2.
HISTORY03 : The history of Aardwolf, part 3.
HISTORY04 : The history of Aardwolf, part 4.
HISTORY05 : The history of Aardwolf, part 5.
HISTORY06 : The history of Aardwolf, part 6.
HISTORY07 : The history of Aardwolf, part 7.
HISTORY08 : The history of Aardwolf, part 8.
HISTORY09 : The history of Aardwolf, part 9- Aardwolf 2.0
HISTORY10 : The history of Aardwolf, part 10.
HISTORY11 : The history of Aardwolf, part 11.
HISTORY12 : The history of Aardwolf, part 12.
HISTORY13 : The history of Aardwolf, part 13: Aardwolf V3!
HISTORY14 : The history of Aardwolf, part 14: 2009
HISTORY15 : The History of Aardwolf- 2010
HOLY INTERVENTION : Divine assistance avoiding blows in combat.
HOLY MIRROR : Gives resistance to holy and light based attacks.
HOLY RIFT : Uses your god's holy rift to escape hits during combat.
HOME : Transports you back to your home.
HUMAN : Information about the Human race.
HUNTMASTER : The Hunter's ability to easily stalk prey.
Haggle : Gives negotiation skills when dealing with stores.
Hallowed Light : Lights your way from the power within.
Halls of the Damned : Information on the area Halls of the Damned.
Hammer : Redirect for hammer information
Hammerforge : Forges other weapons into hammers.
Hammering Blow : Hammer your own sense of justice on your opponents.
Hand of Justice : Calls a powerful bolt of energy from your god.
Hand to Hand : The ability to fight without weapons.
Harden Body : Toughens a mage's body to withstand damage.
Hardware : Information on the Aardwolf Hardware.
Harm : Cleric spell causing large amount of damage to victim.
Harmer : Information about the Harmer subclass.
Haste : A quickling's natural racial ability.
Hatchling Aerie : Information on the area Hatchlings Aerie.
Haven : Priest ability to make a room safer.
Headbutt : Headbutt your opponents.
Heal Spell : Allows the caster to heal a large amount of wounds.
Hearfriends : How to hear tells from your friends while in deaf mode.
Heavenly Balance : Smite your enemies with your god's wrath.
Heavenly Smiting : Martyr spell to strike down an entire room.
Hedgehogs Paradise : Information on the Hedgehogs Paradise area.
Heel : Ordering your pet to your current location.
Heighten Senses : Increases the detection skills of the user.
Helegear Sea : Information on the area Helegear Sea.
Help : How to use Aardwolf's help system.
Helper : Aardwolf's dedicated newbie support staff.
Helper CR : Helper Guidelines for Corpse Retrievals
Helper Policy : Helper Policy Guidelines
Helpertalk : Helper/Advisor chat channel.
Hex of Entropy : Information on the Witch spell, 'Hex of Entropy'
Hex of Misfortune : Information on the Witch spell, 'Hex of Misfortune'
Hide : Allows a character to remain hidden.
History : Index of History Help Files
History16 : The history of Aardwolf - 2011
History17 : The history of Aardwolf - 2012
Hit Points : Hit points, mana, moves- the lifeblood of your characte
Hit Roll : Descriptions of hitroll and damroll attributes.
Hold : Holds an item in your hands ready for use.
Holiday Upgrades : Seasonal upgrades available for clans/manors.
Holy : Priest ability to avoid desecration.
Holy Arrow : Fashion the might of your god into an arrow.
Holy Aura : The Paladin's aura of faith, that protects them.
Holy Fury : Sends a wave of Divine Energy to damage the foe.
Holy Rain : Summons the power of your god to destroy evil foes.
Holy Strike : Strikes down the foe with holy might.
Holy Word : Summons the power of your god to destroy evil foes.
Hook : Information about the Hook clan.
Hotel Orlando : Information on area Hotel Orlando.
House of Cards : Information on area House of Cards.
Humility : Martyr spell that grants increased experience on kills.
Hunt : Hunts down a victim within the current area.
Hunt Trick : Helpful hint for finding targets.
Hunter : Information about the Hunter subclass.
Hydra Blood : Throws venom at target, reducing its combat ability.
Hydroblast : Engulfs the enemy in a stream of freezing, biting water
halp : Information on halp.\\