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Last Updated  : 2017-08-31 11:31:00.

All players heal naturally over time.  The amount of healing depends on
several factors:

- Sitting/resting/sleeping provide more recovery than standing around.
- Sleeping on/in furniture (a bed, tent, sleeping bag, etc) will help you
  heal faster.
- It's hard to sleep comfortably on an empty stomach.  If you are hungry
  and/or thirsty, you won't recover as fast.

Other options are also available, however.  Some classes have healing powers
(lay hands, cure light/serious/etc., poultice, and other items), and potions
with various healing spells are available in several locations.  Special
healer NPCs will also heal you, for a small fee (see 'help heal').  The
spell 'black lotus' will help you recover mana in a manner similar to heal
spells, and refresh and other spells will help recover movement.

Some skills will also help you heal faster.  Fast healing helps with hit
points, meditation helps with mana, and vitality helps with movement.

Be warned, though- some rooms will cause your hp, mana, and/or moves to
slowly decrease rather than increase.  Other rooms may stop natural healing