Helper Policy

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Helper Policy Guidelines

  These are general policies.  Imm requests should always be honored above
this policy.  Any problems with a request by an imm should be taken up
privately with the current HelpersHelpers (Penthesilea and Dreamfyre).

  All newbies* should be greeted by as many Helpers/Advisors as possible,
to an approximate limit of 4, to avoid excessive spam.  Greet triggers are
not allowed, and aliases should be kept reasonable and varied to avoid
repetition.  Social and non-social greetings should be mixed so newbies see
a [Helper] or (Advisor) flag available to assist them.

Corpse Retrievals
  In general, group with the newbie, follow them to their corpse, and protect
them, rather than retrieve the corpse for them.  More detailed information is
available in 'help helper cr'.

  When asked how to find something, in general, avoid specific directions.
Make sure that newbies are aware of 'find all','runto',and 'where' options to
help in their navigation.  If a newbie is still having problems, hints or
other general advice may be given.  References to map sites and the wiki
may be given, but please be aware some newbies may not have this resource

Other Newbie Questions
  While one of a Helper's primary responsibilities is to ensure that newbies
are aware of all the help resources available to them, it is not always
necessary to reference help files in answer to queries.  For some direct
questions, it can be preferable to offer more direct information, with the
addition of a reference to the help file for later review.  Example:
"To complete a quest, type 'quest complete' at a Questor, for more
  information, read 'help quest'"

  Helpers can access the 'newbie', 'channels', and 'all' gags for unruly
newbies.  The 'newbie' gag is the only one reversible by a Helper.  All
gags must be explained to the newbie involved, and should be noted to
imms after the issue is resolved.  See 'help gag' for more.

  Everyone needs a break sometimes.  Go ahead and take one by typing
offduty, just please let the others on the channel with you know.  If 
you feel you need an extended break (days/weeks), just talk to the current 
HelpersHelper, and arrangements can be made.  Breaks won't be punished.  If 
a Helper is unexpectedly absent for prolonged periods, the HelpersHelper 
may talk to them to discuss potential flag removal.

Newbie Chat
  It is generally okay for newbies to chat with other newbies on the Newbie
channel. This is an ideal place for new players to meet other new players.
Your number one priority however, is helping players with questions. If you
need backup because the chat is getting heavy, reach out to your team. In
extreme cases, you are welcome to request the players move their chatting
to tells or ftalk. Use your best judgment, many players are just unaware.

* It is permissible to skip greeting newbies with inappropriate names.

Advisor Sponsors
  Anyone who takes on the Helper flag automatically becomes an advisor 
sponsor. As an advisor sponsor you must interview the applicant then write 
a note to the Helpershelper that summarizes this discussion. Find out the 
applicant's knowledge about topics like CRs, spellups, goal solving, newbie
equipment, trolls etc. and educate them where necessary. Not all subjects 
need to covered in an interview, but try for at least 3-4. See 'help 
advisor sponsors' for further info.

Area Access and Commands
  Helpers and Advisors have access to the findcorpse command, and are
able to access low level areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to 
higher level players, such as Lowlands Paradise '96, the Aylorian Academy, 
guilds, etc. Additionally, Helpers have access to additional abilities, 
like gag, newwhere, and additional parameters on the goals command. 

  Helpers and Advisors are expected only to access these areas and utilize 
these commands for the express purpose of assisting newbies. Accessing 
these areas for personal gain (PKing, obtaining equipment for personal use, 
etc.) is an abuse of the Helper/Advisor flag and is unacceptable.

How to Apply
  Anyone interested in being a Helper should be an Advisor already for at 
least a few months (at least 3 months of active participation on 
Helpertalk and Newbietalk, approximately). Then, the Advisor should review
the policies outlined in 'help helper policy'. If they feel they are ready
to apply, they should then post a note on Personal board to 'helper' requesting
that they be promoted to Helper. The Helpershelper(s) will be in touch to 
interview the applicant, and will proceed from there.