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Related Helps : Entrap, Priest.
Last Updated  : 2017-08-28 20:38:44.

Syntax:  cast 'haven'

Priests are able to use their holy abilities to create a temporary haven in
a room, making it somewhat safer. The effect of this spell depends on the
status of the room it is used in:

  * If the room is entrapped, the trap is removed but the room itself
    does not get a haven effect.

  * If the room is PK, the PK flag is temporarily removed but can 
    still be put back via entrap.

  * If the room is not PK, the room cannot be entrapped while the 
    Haven effect is active.

While the Haven effect is active on a room that room is not considered a
PK room. This does not mean no PK at all - usual rules apply. For example, 
you can still attack a (WANTED) or (OPK) player just as you would be 
able to in any other standard room.

The haven duration and recovery times are based on the caster's wisdom 
and luck. 

This spell is not usable in any room flagged as a clanroom.

Spell available only to the Priest Cleric Subclass.