Help Keywords : Haste.
Help Category : Enhancement.
Related Helps : Accelerate, Lightspeed, Quickling.
Last Updated  : 2017-08-28 18:47:53.

Syntax: cast 'haste' <target>
        haste   (Quickling only.)
        slow    (Quickling only.)

Spell Number: 53

Due to their freakish nature, quicklings can move at extreme speed.  This
speed equates to an extra attack during each round of combat.

Certain spellcasting classes have learned to mimic this ability with the
'haste' spell.  The spell also offers an improvement to their dexterity.
On top of the bonus attack given to anyone affected by haste, single-class
spellcasters gain another extra attack each round from the spell.

Quicklings may slow themselves down by typing 'slow', and resume their
heightened speed by typing 'haste'.  Regeneration rates are not influenced
by this condition.

Primary stat: Intelligence.
Affected by : Luck.

Instinct Bonus: The potential to increase total number of hits.