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Syntax: hunt <victim>
        hunt <victim> noportal

Using a combination of tracking, intuition, acute hearing, and reading the
signs of nature, a skilled character can hunt a target within an area. This
skill will tell the direction the target has gone, as well as general
certainty of the results.  

Wolfen characters have an innate ability to hunt as well.  All characters
may use this skill; without training, though, the results are hardly likely
to be accurate.

Some powerful creatures do not leave a trace that can be tracked via the
'hunt' skill.  Targets on a campaign or global quest list are also immune
to hunt until the activity is over, even if the target was already killed.

Note- if 'hunt <mobile>' points to the wrong mobile (e.g. 'hunt prince'
gives direction towards the princess instead), you can try 'hunt 2.<mob>'
in the same manner as working with multiple items with the same name.

Navigators have the ability to hunt through portals. For instances where
you specifically don't want to hunt through a portal, add the 'noportal'

            Video help on the basic hunt skill on Aardwolf: