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Helper Corpse Retrieval Policy

  This is intended to be a general guideline for newbie corpse retrievals.
It may not apply for all scenarios, so please use common sense and your
best judgment in these situations.

  Generally, in an ideal newbie corpse retrieval, the Helper (or Advisor)
will meet the newbie at an easily-reached location (typically either recall
or the entrance to the area where the corpse is), they will then follow the
newbie and have them 'group' the Helper.  The Helper should request that
the newbie guide them to a safe room near the corpse, keeping aware of
any upcoming aggressive mobs.  Before entering a room with an aggressive
mob, the Helper should ask the newbie to 'sit' while the room is cleared,
then bring them in to retrieve their items when it is safe.

  Should the first room of the area be inaccessible (ie: aggro mob), best
practice is to clear the first room individually, and then request the
newbie to meet you at the entrance when safe.

  In extreme cases only, like the great portal room in Cataclysm, it is
acceptable if you have the player sit at recall while you retrieve the
corpse. On the other side, if the corpse is in Wyrm, as the Helper (or
Advisor) you have to run back to the entrance anyways, have the player
meet you there. You should have a fairly good concept of what's expected.

  As long as a newbie has access to the Newbie channel, regardless of
their level, it is still a Helper's obligation to perform the CR if they
are reasonably able to do so.