Index B

BOFH : Explanation of Immortal Ranks.
Baal : Information about the clan 'Baal'.
Backstab : Old favourite trick of stabbing a victim from behind.
Balance : Information on the Disciples of Hassan clan skill.
Balefire : Multiple fireballs directed at a single victim.
Ballistic Attack : Uses power of the mind to throw objects during combat.
Balor Spittle : Chemical warfare at its best!
Bandit : Information about the Bandit subclass.
Banishment : Banishes any trace of the target from this realm.
Banking : How to use the banking system on Aardwolf.
Banshee Wail : High pitched wail that damages the target's ears.
Barbarian : Information about the Barbarian subclass.
Bard : Information on the Bard clan.
Barkskin : The caster's skin temporarily becomes hard as bark.
Barter : The global Aardwolf marketplace channel.
Bash : A brute-force attack to knock a foe to its knees.
Bashdoor : Break down a door to get through it.
Battle Training : Information on the 'Battle Training' skill.
Battlecards : Information on the player-run Battlecard League.
Battlecry : Scream and shout as you enter battle!
Beacon of Homecoming : Mark or return to a previously visited place.
Beacon of Light : Set a point and find a return path.
Beacons : Allows Navigators to see locations/times of beacons.
Beer Goblins : Information on the area Land of the Beer Goblins.
Berserk : The ability to enter an insane rage during combat.
Berserker : Information about the Berserker subclass.
Bid : Places a bid on/shows stats of an item up for auction.
Bigmap : Continent overview.
Biofeedback : Control bleeding to reduce damage taken.
Birthday Area : Special area for celebrating Aardwolf's birthday.
Birthday Games : (Lack of) helpfiles for birthday games.
Black Lagoon : Information on the area Black Lagoon.
Black Lotus : Refreshes spent magical and mystical energy.
Black Root : Devastates the target with a 'Black Triffid' root.
Black Rose : Information on the Black Rose area.
Blackjack : How to play Blackjack / 21 on Aardwolf.
Blacksmith : Information about the Blacksmith subclass.
Blades of Light : Magical spinning blades that will shred their victim.
Blast Undead : Strike the Necromancer's favored enemy with brute force
Blazing Fury : Blasts a target with blazing light.
Bless : Uses the god's blessing to grant combat power.
Bless Weapon : Temporarily enhance the power of a weapon.
Blight : Blights the victim with a withering illness.
Blinded : Being blinded and blindness removal.
Blindfighting : Information on the Ninja 'blind fighting' ability.
Blindmode : Allows blind users to set personal status for use of 'who blind'.
Blindness : This spell renders the target character blind.
Blink : Allows a mage to blink out of existence to avoid a hit.
Blockexit : Prevents cowardly mobs from leaving the fight.
Bloodlust Dungeon : Information on the area Bloodlust Dungeon.
Blur : Blurs caster's appearance making them harder to hit.
Boats : How to successfully cross water.
Bodycheck : Take out your enemies like an Abrams Tank!
Bonusloot : Retrieve bonus items from killed monsters.
Boot Camp : Information about the Boot Camp clan
Bounty : Set a bounty on a raider's head.
Brandish : Information on using magical staves.
Brew : Brews a spell into a potion.
Brief : Turns long descriptions in rooms off and on.
Brightness : Varying room brightness in V3.
Brightsea and Glimme: Information about the area 'Brightsea and Glimmerdim'
BugList : Known bugs and general bug FAQ.
Bugged goal : Some tips when you think a goal is bugged or broken.
Bugtracker : Information on the Aardwolf Bugtracking Software.
Builder Rewards : Reward system for building
Burning Hands : Hands of fire with which to strike an enemy.
Burnt Marbu : Thief poison to blind and restrict its victim.
Butcher : Make a good meal out of a fallen enemy.
Bypass : Information on the Navigator 'Bypass' ability.
bored : What to do if you are bored!
boot-application : Information on how to apply to Boot Camp.