Beacon Of Homecoming

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Syntax:  cast 'beacon of homecoming'  : Create a homecoming beacon.
         cast homecoming              : Return to homecoming beacon.

Spell Number: 534, 535

Navigators are masters of finding their way back to remote locations they
have previously visited.  When at a location of interest, a navigator can
cast the 'beacon of homecoming' spell to summon a beacon of homecoming to
the room.

Once a homecoming beacon has been set, the navigator may later return to
the beacon of homecoming by casting the 'homecoming' spell.  This will
return the Navigator (and, as group leader, any groupmates in the same
room) to the beacon.

The homecoming spell ignores web and sloth type effects on the caster
making a great spell for a quick getaway.

Homecoming beacons may not be set in noportal, nosummon, owned (manor or
clan) or private rooms. Beacons may also not be set in prison rooms, but
most prison areas (such as nine hells) have additional flags to override
this restriction.

The homecoming spell may not be used from prison-flagged rooms or clan
mazes. It may be used during quests, global quests, and campaigns.

If the caster already has an active homecoming beacon and casts it again,
it will move to the new room.  If cast in the same room, the timer on the
beacon will be reset.  The location and duration of a homecoming beacon can
be seen with the 'beacons' command.  The beacon duration and recovery time
are based upon the caster's Intelligence.  There is no recovery on the
homecoming spell.

Spells available only to the Navigator Psionicist Subclass.