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Last Updated  : 2017-06-20 16:06:30.
           There are many things to do in the world of Andolor.

If you are bored, or at a loss on what to do, try one of these activities:

* Questing is integral to character advancement on Aardwolf. Check out
      help quest for more information.

* Campaigning is a great way to learn more about the various areas on
      Aardwolf and is a great time filler between quests. Check out
      help campaigns for more information.

* Global quests are a lead on from campaigns and score your character
      extra quest points per mob killed, as well as a bonus for winning.
      Check out help global quests for more information.

* A lot of areas have goals now, ranging from very easy to hard. Goals
      can only be done once and have rewards. Check out help goals
      and help goal solving for more information.

* Lasertag is a game that is played in its own area and anyone can
      join in. There is a small quest point prize for being on the
      winning team. It is also a good way to meet other players.
      Check out help lasertag for more information.

* Wars and duels can be a fun way to test your skills against other
      players in both group fighting and one on one. Check out help
      war and help duel for more information.

* Join in a game of Mafia! A great in-game game you can play from any
      room in Aardwolf. Check out help mafia for more information.

* Killing the mobs of Aardwolf is the way to increase your levels, the
      more you kill the more levels you get. Check out help leveling
      for more information.

* For the more experienced/clanned/high power players, there are other
      activities, such as epic runs, raiding and pupping.

* Sometimes other players and the immortals will run games and events
      for the MUD. There are quite a few, including trivia, Poker,
      AardWords, AardLetterHunt and items put on a 'punchbag mob'
      for the one who kills it. Or if you are really bored, run one

* Aardwolf is always looking for players to test new features or to
      help create new areas! See help testing or help building if
      you feel ready for the challenge!

If you are finding no joy in the above activities at the moment, perhaps
you need a break? Go for a walk, watch a movie or meet up with your
friends, Aardwolf and your character will still be here when you get back!