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Help Category : Transport.
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Last Updated  : 2017-07-19 23:54:29.

Syntax: bypass        - List bypassed areas.
        bypass clear  - Clear bypassed areas.
        bypass [area name or keyword]

Members of the Navigator class can choose to bypass an area completely. When
an area is bypassed, it will not be selected for campaigns or quests. A
navigator can bypass 2 areas.

Once the navigator reaches combined intelligence and wisdom of 600, an
additional area can be bypassed. Extremely skilled navigators with maximum
intelligence and wisdom can bypass 4 areas.

There is no limit on how often you can change your bypassed areas. Whenever
you request a quest or campaign and a target on your bypass list is
selected, the chance to skip it will be based on how well your bypass skill
is practiced. At 100% skill level you should not see your bypass list in
quests or campaigns unless no other targets can be found.

Note that increasing stats to set bypassed areas then lowering stats will
not work as each time bypass is used only the number of areas you currently
have the stats for will be checked. This means that the order of your bypass
list can be important if your stats vary.

Skill available only to Navigator Psionicist subclass.

Primary Stat:  Practiced percentage
Affected by :  Int, Wis.