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Last Updated  : 2018-06-20 01:15:42.

NOTE: As of July 19th 2014, DoH is no longer an active Aardwolf
      clan. This helpfile exists only to preserve DoH history.

Syntax: Balance <item> <double|half>

The Disciples of Hassan have the knowledge to take something within their
possession and balance the items weight by making it twice as heavy or
reducing the weight by half. Unfortunately, due to the special materials
that are used when increasing or decreasing the weight of an item, it can
only be used once per item and can not be used on containers.

NOTE: When the clan skill is used, the person will be automatically charged
      a total of 3 gold multiplied by the level of the item being balanced.
      How often the clan skill works is based on your clan rank and your
      level compared to the level of the item you are trying to balance.
      The clan skill will also add an ownership flag to the item it is used