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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Utility
Alias : Allows a longer string into a single word.
Allspells : Shows all abilities a class/subclass will gain.
Battlecry : Scream and shout as you enter battle!
Beacons : Allows Navigators to see locations/times of beacons.
Brief : Turns long descriptions in rooms off and on.
CHECKNAME : Checks a player name against the bad name list.
CLS : Clears the screen
Classchange : Changes your primary class.
Clear : Removes player-set fields (and raided item flag).
Clients : Data about connected players.
Commands : Displays a list of all commands available to you.
Config : Various configuration options for your character.
Consent : Allows a specific person to loot your corpse.
Coordinates : Find your location on a continent.
DELETE : Permanently deletes your character from Aardwolf.
Damage : Adjust display of damage/hit messages in combat.
Description : How to set your own description.
ECHO : Sends your command back to you.
Email : Sets email/location fields in finger.
FINDOWNED : Searches for items owned by given player.
Findcorpse : Lists all corpses of players on the MUD.
Forget : Forget a training session to refocus your stats.
GAG : Helper ability to control new players causing problems.
Gold : The foundation of Aardwolf's economy.
HEAL : Commands for enlisting help of healer NPCs.
Info : Toggling various types of game information.
Learned : Used to list skill level in all skills and spells learn
MCCP : MCCP compression protocol info - Help Aard save bandwid
MSTATUS : Change your marriage message in finger.
Notify : Turns on and off login notifications.
OPEN : Manipulate doors.
Output : Change speed of some MUD text.
P : Display your prompt.
PKstats : Brief summary of your current PK Status.
Password : Used to change your password.
Practice : Used to spend practice sessions to improve a skill.
QRESET : Reset quest timer to approx. one minute.
Quit : Information about pfile storage / leaving the game.
RECREATE : Command used to recreate a character.
REOWN : Change ownership on an item.
RETIER : Quick help on how to tier.
ROOM : Quickly display what room you are in.
Rebuild : Command used to retrain stats and select a new race.
SHOWSKILL : Shows levels at which all classes gain a skill/spell.
SUSPEND : Information on the suspend / activate utilities.
Send : The Gno-go Express in-game delivery system.
TPUPGRADE : Bring old equipment to par with new enchants.
Title : Sets the title people will see when they do a 'who'.
Train : Information on how stats increase.
UNCURSE : Make use of the Remove Curses wish.
VISTO : Allows you to be visible to a specific person.
WEIGHT : Quick-display carrying capacity.
X : Quickly check your experience totals / to next level.