Help Keywords : Description 'Desc Editor'.
Help Category : Utility.
Related Helps : Showdesc, Whois.
Last Updated : 2017-08-04 23:32:59.
Syntax: description
description edit
Typing 'description' will show your current description if you have one.
Descriptions are seen when looking at a player, as well as in 'whois' (if the 'autodesc' toggle is turned on) or with the 'showdesc' command. To help prevent trigger abuse, descriptions will show with a pipe in front of them unless turned off via the 'noprefix' config toggle.

To change your description, use 'desc edit'. This will place you in the description editor, similar to the note editor, where you can change your description. Type .h in the editor to get a list of commands available. (zMUD users, see below.)

The editor may not be used in the warzone or lasertag area or in PK or combat maze rooms.

zMUD users: By default, zMUD interprets . at the beginning of a line as an internal zMUD command. To use .commands in the description editor, either prefix the command with a tilde (~.h, etc.) or turn off parsing either with ctrl-R or clicking the computer icon to the right of the input line). Other clients may have a similar issue; check your command prefixes for a 'literal character' to prefix the .command .