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 Help Category : Utility.
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 Last Updated  : 2017-07-28 15:55:05.

     config all


 Type 'config' to see configurable Aardwolf settings.
 Type 'config all' to see all configurable options.


 'config' contains a large number of toggles and settings that can help to
 automate various parts of your Aardwolf experience.  This command lists
 most automated settings, as well as a brief description and as well as the
 current setting for each.  This also shows your three prompts (regular,
 battle, and pager) and your current screen scroll setting ('help scroll').

 Detailed help is available for each command, e.g., 'help autogold'.  A list
 of most of these help files can be found by typing 'contents config'.

 To save space and avoid confusion, some more obscure options are omitted
 from the default config output.  To see all configuration options that
 are available, type 'config all'.

 'config' and 'autolist' are synonymous.