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Related Helps : Primary Class, Rebuild, Subclass.
Last Updated  : 2024-03-30 15:37:00.


  classchange <password> <subclass> <race>
  classchange <password> <subclass> <race> [options]
  classchange check
  classchange cancel


  noinstinct: Don't reset instinct.
  nomastery : Don't reset mastery.
  norebuild : Don't rebuild stats.
  sameclass : Confirm when using classchange to rebuild instinct/mastery.


This command is used to change your primary class, rebuild instinct,
rebuild masteries and rebuild stats. It can be used free of charge every
7 days or at any time at a cost of 1,000 Quest Points.

There is an FAQ at the end of this help file for how to do specific
things such as change masteries or your main class only.

Type 'classchange check' to check the cost of a classchange.
Type 'classchange cancel' to back-out of the class changing process.


Below are some important extra details about classchanges

* If your password contains a space, you will need to put single
  quotes around it when using the classchange command:
  classchange '<password>' <subclass> <race>.

* If you want to rebuild mastery, instinct or stats only, classchange
  into the same class.

* If you choose a class that you have not yet remorted into, your
  old primary class is completely removed and you will no longer have
  access to those skills/ spells until you remort back into your former
  class. If you already have the changed class, they simply swap. The
  game will return some practices based on the skills you lose during the

* The first class change on your character is free; subsequent class
  changes are free every 7 days or at a cost of 1000QP if you don't want
  to wait.

You must type the classchange command twice to confirm the changes. If
you change your mind or make a mistake, you can use 'classchange
cancel' to back out.

Automatic rebuild:

Because of the emphasis on different stats with each build, when using
classchange your character will automatically have stats reset as
if you had used the rebuild command. Stats will need to be re-trained, and
any tier/wish stats will need to be set again. This works the same way as a
regular rebuild and does count as your first rebuild in the game.

Practiced amount in skills is not reset except for when you are losing
access to a skill because it is class/subclass only. The game will
return some practices when this is the case.

If you do not want to rebuild stats, add the 'norebuild' option to the
classchange command.

Frequently Asked Questions:

* How do I classchange only, leaving instinct and mastery in place?

   Example: classchange [password] avenger elf nomastery noinstinct

* How do I rebuild only masteries or only instinct?

    classchange [password] [current class] [current race] sameclass

  If you want to keep your instinct add the 'noinstinct' option. If you
  want to keep your mastery add the 'nomastery' option. Add the 'norebuild'
  option if you don't want to rebuild stats.

  You may also use the old mastery and instinct commands at a cost of
  500qp. Refer to those helpfiles for more details.

* How can I change subclass only?

  Keep all other options other than subclass the same as they already are
  and add the 'sameclass' option. For example, if you are an elf paladin-
  avenger and want to become an elf paladin-guardian:

    classchange [password] guardian elf sameclass

  Remember to add noinstinct, nomastery and norebuild if you really want
  to change *only* subclass.

* How can I use this to change race only?

  NOTE: There is now a 'race change' option that you can use every 7 days
  to change race free of charge. When it is available, we recommend
  using that command instead of classchange to change race only.

  If you want to proceed with using classchange anyway, keep all options
  other than race the same as they already are and add the 'sameclass'
  option . For example, if you are an elf paladin-avenger and want to
  become a vampire paladin-avenger:

    classchange [password] avenger vampire sameclass

  Remember to add noinstinct, nomastery and norebuild if you really want to
  change *only* race.