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 Help Category : Utility.
 Related Helps : Primary Class, Rebuild, Subclass.
 Last Updated  : 2021-08-03 13:52:42.


     classchange <password> <subclass> <race>
     classchange <password> <subclass> <race> noskills
     classchange check
     classchange cancel


 To change your primary class, type 'classchange <password> <new subclass> 
   <race>'.  Add the noskills parameter to not have your skills reset.
 Type 'classchange check' to check the cost of a classchange.
 Type 'classchange cancel' to back-out of the class changing process.


 The 'classchange' command allows you to pick a new primary class (and
 subclass), at a cost.  Reasons for this are given in 'help primary class'.

 When using classchange, pick one of the subclasses (type 'subclass all' for
 a list) from the primary class you wish to change to.  If you choose a 
 class that you have not yet remorted into, your old primary class is
 completely removed and you will no longer have access to those skills/
 spells until you remort back into your former class.  If you already had
 the changed class, they simply swap.

 The first class change on your character is free; subsequent class changes
 start at 5,000 quest points and reduce by 100qp per day. After 50 days 
 since a class change, the next class change is free.

 Using 'classchange check' shows your current classchange status, as well as
 the cost of a potential class change. You must type the classchange command
 twice to confirm the changes. If you change your mind or make a mistake, 
 you can use 'classchange cancel' to back out.

 Because of the emphasis on different stats in each class, your character
 will automatically have stats reset as if you had used the rebuild command.
 Stats will need to be re-trained, and any tier/wish stats will need to be
 set again. This works the same way as a regular rebuild and does count
 as your first rebuild in the game.

 The 'noskills' option will reset your class without resetting skills,
 but you will receive no practices back. Generally speaking, superheroes 
 will lose some practices using this option as you will not get back 
 practices from class only skills in your old class. However, some people
 prefer this option to having to re-practice all skills. 

 NOTE: For everyone else who is not a superhero, if you have multiple
 classes and a lot of skills and spells practiced, the noskills option 
 is very strongly recommended because you will not get enough practices back 
 to cover all your skills and spells.

 Note: If your password contains a space, you will need to put single quotes
 around it when using the classchange command: classchange '<password>' 
 <subclass> <race>.