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Last Updated  : 2018-10-01 03:58:02.
MCCP is a compression protocol built into several mud clients, which
compresses the data between the MUD and your client.  This means that the
MUD uses less bandwidth, which can help prevent lag.

Any player may use MCCP.  Some clients have it added and enabled by default,
while others may require a change in settings or a separate proxy (see
below) to use MCCP.

Players without MCCP use over four times the bandwidth as those with it
enabled.  For this reason, connecting to Aardwolf with MCCP enabled will
provide the following bonuses:

* Players with MCCP compression on may see their usage statistics by typing

* Players with MCCP on will receive a 2qp 'MCCP bonus' per quest.

* Players using the 'bigmap' command suffer less lag if MCCP is enabled.

MCCP Resource

Aardwolf MCCP Client Download link:

To enable MCCP in zMUD versions 4.x and above, choose View from the zMUD
menu, then go to Preferences > General > Emulation, and check the 'MUD
Compression (MCCP)' box under Telnet options.  (Note, this is MCCP, not MCP
emulation- they are different,)

For other clients, check the client help files.  If you cannot find MCCP
settings, see 'help mccp proxy' for directions on how to download and
install a MCCP proxy.