Index D

Damage Verbs : List of damage messages in ascending order.
Delete : Permanently deletes your character from Aardwolf.
DEX : Your character's overall agility.
DI-Clans : Dead ideas: Clan-related issues.
DI-Double : Dead ideas: Double experience issues.
DI-Gold : Dead ideas: Gold and wealth issues.
DI-Level : Dead ideas: Level-based features.
DI-Manors : Dead Ideas: Manor upgrades/options.
DI-Misc : Dead ideas: Other miscellaneous topics.
DI-Notes : Dead ideas: Note options.
DI-Quests : Dead ideas: Questing.
DI-Spouses : Dead ideas: (MUD) Marriage issues.
DI-Standards : Dead ideas: MUD standards.
DI-Tiers : Dead ideas: Tier abilities/bonuses.
Disease : A pox of boils and fever, inflicted upon your foe.
Disrupt : Attempts to dispel one particular spell upon the target
Diva : Information on the Diva race.
Divining : The art of locating water beneath the ground.
Dodges : Gives a chance to dodge an attack.
Drow : Information about the Drow race.
Dwarf : Information about the Dwarf race.
Daily Blessing : Once-a-day request for divine gifts.
Damage : Adjust display of damage/hit messages in combat.
Damage Types : List of damage types sorted by damtype for 'wset'.
Damage Types 2 : List of damage types sorted by 'wset' setting
Damn : Damn is not a curse word on Aardwolf. That's all.
Damnation : Summons the Spirits of the Vengeful Dead upon the foe
Dampening Field : Used to remove spell affects from your enemy.
Daoine : Information on the Daoine Sidhe clan.
Dark Elf Stronghold : Information on the area Dark Elf Stronghold.
Darklight : Goal and area information about The DarkLight.
Darkness : Summon a protective globe of darkness around you.
Daze : Effects of being dazed by skills/spells.
Dead Ideas : Old ideas discussed to death already
Deaf : Sets your character to ignore tells.
Death : What to do when the Reaper calls.
Death Blow : Chance to perform a critical hit upon your foe.
Death Field : Create a life-sapping region of negative energy.
Deathtrap Dungeon : Information on the area Deathtrap Dungeon.
Debate : Discussion of controversial topics.
Defend : Defending allies during raids.
Deities : Clan-specific divine beings.
Delerium : Information on the Daoine Sidhe clan skill.
Demonfire : Summons forth the demons of hell to assault your foes.
Den of Thieves : Information on the area Den of Thieves.
Description : How to set your own description.
Desecration : Surrounds that caster with a dark aura of dread.
Desert Doom : Information on the area Desert Doom.
Desert Prison : Information on the area The Desert Prison.
Desolation : Manifests the forces of entropy inside the enemy
Destroy : Permanently destroy an owned item.
Detect Evil : Allows the caster to detect evil characters.
Detect Good : Grants the caster the ability to perceive goodness.
Detect Hidden : Allows the caster to detect hidden characters.
Detect Invis : Allows the caster to detect invisibility.
Detect Magic : Allows the caster to detect magical artifacts.
Detect Poison : Allows the caster to detect poisoned items.
Detect Undead : Necromancer ability to sense death.
Detonate : Use latent energy of inanimate objects to strike foe.
DhalGora Outlands : Information about the area 'Dhal'Gora Outlands'
Diamond Reach : Information on the area The Ruins of Diamond Reach.
Dice : Command to roll dice & explanation of XdY syntax.
Diku : Creators of the original DIKU mud waaay back in time :)
Dirt Kicking : Kicks dirt into target's face, possibly blinding them.
Disarm : Gives the ability to remove a weapon from the target.
Disciple : Information about the Disciples of Hassan clan.
Disintegrate : Use latent energy of inanimate objects to destroy foe.
Dispel Evil : Invokes the wrath of your god on an evil victim.
Dispel Good : Calls forth malevolent energies to damage the Pure.
Dispel Magic : Used to remove magical affects from its victim.
Displacement : Makes the caster appear displaced and harder to hit.
Dissolve : Remove a poisonous web from the target.
Divine Faith : Enhanced combat abilities relying on faith.
Divine Swiftness : May enhance the casters dexterity
Divorce : Fifty ways to leave your lover (err, well, just one).
Domination : Dominate the mind of your intended victim.
Dominion : Information on the Dominion clan.
Donate : How to help support Aardwolf and keep it running.
Doorway : Psionicist's ability to teleport to other players.
Dortmund : A strange deserted city in the countryside.
Double XP : Extra experience for all!
Dragon : Information about the White Dragon clan.
DragonGate : The Dragon clan skill.
Dragonlance : The Imperium clan skill.
Drop : Information about object manipulation.
Drowning : Penalties for remaining underwater.
Druid : Information about the Druid clan.
Dtrack : Information on the Aardwolf damage tracker
Dual Wield : Allows two weapons to be used in combat.
Duel : Overview of the private duel system.
Dust Devil : Summon a minor air elemental as your minion.
drank : Shortcuts for the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly rankin