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Nestled in the countryside lies a small town known as Dortmund. For years
they have been known for their export, ermine fur. However, lately the
caravans have completely stopped and no word has been sent as to why. You
remember seeing a poster in market square from some mayor, Darkon Stills you
think his name was, saying that Dortmund needed some adventurers to look
into a problem with a cave or something. Maybe no one took the job and they
are having too many problems to continue shipments of ermine. Ermine is
pretty valuable, maybe you should wander over there and see if they still
need help. If it works out you could possibly make a small fortune.

Level Range         : 5 to 25
Goal Difficulty     : Medium
Goal Recommended at : 20
Goal Converter      : Zolstead
Area Author         : Calabus

Area added December 5th, 2003. Replaces Thalos.