Dispel Magic

Help Keywords : 'Dispel Magic'.
Help Category : Attack Spell.
Related Helps : Dampening field.
Last Updated : 2017-08-06 11:20:23.
Syntax: cast 'dispel magic' <target>
Spell Number: 38
Many adventurers have come across opponents attempting to protect themselves through magical defenses. Dispel Magic will aggressively attempt to destroy spells protecting an opponent.
Casters with a higher Intelligence tend to have a better chance at removing these spells. Even without high ability, successful castings with no apparent success are still useful- they still wear down the strengths of the magical protection, thus increasing your chances of eventual success.
Willing casters will often find the spell Cancellation far more useful in removing affects on themselves and other allies.
Primary stat: Intelligence, Wisdom
Affected by : Luck