Dark Elf Stronghold

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The Dark Elf Stronghold is the legendary headquarters of the dark elves. For centuries, the location of this wicked place remained a complete mystery. After all, what fool hunts out the stronghold of the most vile night creature in all the land? What could possibly motivate someone to seek out certain death from the flesh-eating, blood-drinking drow?

The dark elves recently invaded the Dwarven Kingdom after their spies found a secret entrance inside the mines. With overwhelming numbers, they poured into the kingdom... slaughtering men, women and children. Luckily, the dwarven elite guard were able to rally the troops to beat back the drow and close off the entrance they came through.

Swearing vengeance, the dwarves convinced their elven allies to seek out the Dark Elf Stronghold and slay every last one of them.

Level Range : 70 to 125
Goal Difficulty : Difficult
Goal Recommended at : Level 125
Goal Converter : Scars
Area Author : Cirion & Mendy

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