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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Miscellaneous
Aardscattergories : Rules and scoring for Aardscattergories.
Aardscrabble : Description of the Aard Scrabble game.
Academy : Overview of the Aylorian Academy Lesson Commands
Armpit : Why would any player try help armpit?
Bashdoor : Break down a door to get through it.
Battlecards : Information on the player-run Battlecard League.
CHANGE SEX : Free pr0n!!! teeheehee!!!111!!1
CREATE SOUND : Say what you like, someone else will get the blame!
Cancellation : Cancels magical affects on an ally or yourself.
DISRUPT : Attempts to dispel one particular spell upon the target
Damage Types : List of damage types sorted by damtype for 'wset'.
Damage Types 2 : List of damage types sorted by 'wset' setting
Dice : Command to roll dice & explanation of XdY syntax.
Eye of Discovery : Find yet-unseen locations.
Eye of Passage : Divine details about locks.
FLEE : Gives a chance to flee when the going gets tough.
GOLDCONVERT : Information on gold conversion.
GTRIVIA : Transfer trivia points to another character.
Goal Solving : General advice in solving goals.
Gqbot : Definition of the phrase 'gqbot'
Graffiti : Leave a hidden message in a room.
IDEAS : Information on posting ideas within Aardwolf.
IMM ENCHANT : Description of imm enchant weapons.
IdeaP :

Ivoted : MUD forum voting and reminder command.
KNOCK : Magical spell that can be used to unlock some doors.
LOCK : Lock and unlock doors.
MOBSHIELD : Prevents mobs from assisting one another.
MONTAGE : Always fade out in a montage.
Maze : Useful tips on how to crack an area maze.
Nascaard : Aardwolf Racing League.
Negation : Gives the caster a chance to cancel magical affects
NoSpellupSpam : How to reduce other people's spellup spam.
PEEK : Gives a chance to see target's inventory.
PICK : Thief's ability to get past most locks.
POBOX : PO BOX Address for donations.
PUFF : A special little being that exists in limbo.
QSPELLS : Displays sorted skill/spell lists
RADIO : Online radio stations that are partners with Aardwolf.
RETREAT : A skilled warrior can flee in a specific direction
Rankings : Shows various sets of player rankings.
Reimbursement : Information on equipment reimbursement.
Ruler : Details on the 'ruler' command.
SCOUT : Ranger ability to search around the woodlands.
SCRIBE : The mage's ability to prepare scrolls for later use.
STEAL : Allows a thief to steal from their victim.
Skills : Displays all skills/spells known by a character.
TESTMODE : Information on test mode.
Technical Bug : Information on your unimportant bug report.
VENTRILOQUATE : The ancient art of throwing one's voice.
VOTEURLS : URLs - Mud Site Voting
World : An overview of the world of Andolor.
bored : What to do if you are bored!
statbuyer : Definition of stat buyer.
trivial portal : Transportation spell for the risk-averse