Help Keywords : FLEE.
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Related Helps : Retreat.
Last Updated  : 2017-08-16 18:39:53.

Syntax: flee

'He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.'

A very handy little ability this. If a fight is going the wrong way, 
you've just had all of your spells dispelled, you're out of healing 
potions and the Onyx Dragon is looking REALLY angry, you might want to 

Fleeing needs open doors or exits in order to work, and if successful, 
there is a chance that you may have 10 experience points removed for the 
privilege. FLEE  can either be used by a player, or may kick in 
automatically, when hit points fall below WIMPY level. See <Help Wimpy> 
for more info on that.

You can also 'RECALL' from combat, which gets you to safe ground, but has 
a correspondingly higher cost in exp.

If you lose your link during a fight, then your character will keep
fighting, and will attempt to RECALL from time to time.  Your chances
of making the recall are reduced, and you will lose much more 
experience. To disable automatic recall (not recommended!) use 

There is also a skill known as Rescue that can be used to get friends 
out of a sticky spot, see <Help Rescue> for more details.

(Syntax: rescue <character>)