Help Category : Miscellaneous.
Last Updated  : 2006-03-12 10:09:52.
On 30th October 1999, all gold on Aardwolf was divided by 10. This 
includes gold carried by players, gold in the bank, clan donated, 
the value of items and any other gold related amounts. All COSTS
have also been divided by 10 such as the cost to buy items from the
shop, upgrades, lottery fees, etc. Overall, you have no more or 
less money than before because all costs have changed too. Note that
where necessary, 1 was added to the player gold to ensure rounding
up so 1000 will become 101 rather than 100.

The change was made for purely technical reasons and once again,
because we know people are gonna panic over this, the overall effect
on your gold is 0.

If you have triggers to bid on certain items, you probably want to
divide the amount by 10. Of course, that won't be a problem for 
people that paid attention and read this file as the mud warned :)