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The Aardwolf adventure is set in Andolor, meaning 'greatest world' in 
ancient tongue. Andolor orbits a single sun, but unlike other worlds, does 
not rotate. Andolor's three moons and several large planets between 
Andolor and its Sun give the impression of rapidly changing day and night.
There are no changes in climate. Tropical areas stay tropical, the frozen 
land of Gelidus remains frozen. 

The culture of Andolor is extremely varied. Many different races and 
creatures have thrived in their diverse landscapes and power is governed 
through a complex system of guilds and clans. Alliances are made and broken
on a whim, great leaders move on while others campaign to take their place.
The balance of power is ever changing, usually assisted by many battles of
physical strength and magic.

Nobody knows for sure whether the gods truly exist, but this does not 
prevent the inhabitants of Andolor from worshipping almost countless 
deities. Andolor is also home to a number of immortals of various races. 
There is much debate on whether these immortals are indeed the true gods 
of Andolor or merely a shadowy group with too much time on their hands 
interfering in the affairs of mortals.

In terms of geography, much of the vast Oceans of Andolor remains
unexplored. Many islands exist within these oceans, guarding many 
mysteries. While Andolor is not completely circular, head in any direction 
long enough and you will arrive very close to where you started, assuming 
you survive the journey. Four main continents have been discovered so far 
on Andolor.

The main continent at the center of the world is called Mesolar. Many 
large cities exist on this continent and it is by far the safest continent 
to travel. 

To the west of Mesolar, past the 'Forbidden Waters', or Banalog Ocean, is
the dark continent of Abend. Constantly in twilight, much evil is rumored
to exist here. Few have returned from adventures to the West, so only lore
and legend remain.

To the east of Mesolar, across the Aphasian Ocean is the Blood continent of
Alagh. Alagh means "battle glory" in ancient tongue, an aptly named
continent ravaged by centuries old battles. Alagh is also home to the great
Eastern Desert and tropical jungles to the South, and the waters of the
Lem-Dagor ("into battle") to the west.

To the North of Mesolar is the frozen continent of Gelidus. Contained on 
the side of Andolor permanently away from the sun, the continent is covered
in snow and ice formed from the frozen E'a Siirima, Elvish for 'into
liquid'.  Across the coldest point of Gelidus is a vast and icy mountain 

The waters of the Iridian, or iridescent sea, lay to the south of Mesolar.
Various societies have started to form within the waters and on the few
islands that have formed over the ages.  Amongst the waves, one can end
up lost in these uncharted waters.

There is rumor of a 5th continent. Whispers about Vidblain, the "ever 
dark". The author cannot verify the truth or location at this time....