Help Keywords : 'IMM ENCHANT'. Help Category : Miscellaneous. Last Updated : 2006-03-12 15:56:14.

Imm enchants are similar to the 'enchant weapon' spell; unlike the spell, they will not add to the level of the weapon, and they never fail. There are three possible results with an imm enchant. 1 hr/dr minimum will be added. Lucky enchants may add 2hr/dr instead. If you are extremely lucky, you will get a random stat added to the weapon.

Each imm enchant costs 2 tp. Weapons may be enchanted multiple times, to a maximum hr/dr as follows:

   Weapons level 20 or lower ... when hr or dr are 10 or greater.
   Weapons level 21 & higher ... when hr or dr equals level/2

This process has now been automated, with the exact same results as if an Imm physically cast the spell. This service is available through the 'tpenchant' command.