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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Communication
Afk : Informs other players you are 'away from keyboard'.
Afkmsg : Sets a message for people to see when you're afk.
Barter : The global Aardwolf marketplace channel.
Channels : List of channels available on Aardwolf.
Clantalk : In-clan communication.
Class Channels : Class-specific conversation channels.
Deaf : Sets your character to ignore tells.
Debate : Discussion of controversial topics.
Emote : Used to express emotions or actions.
Forum : Navigation of note system on Aardwolf.
GMCP : Information on the GMCP protocol
Gametalk : Play and discuss games within the game of AArdwolf.
Gclan : Converse with other clanned players.
Gossip : General MUD chat channels.
Grats : Global congratulations channel.
Gsocial : Global social channel.
Hearfriends : How to hear tells from your friends while in deaf mode.
Helpertalk : Helper/Advisor chat channel.
Ignore : Ignore someone's tells and channel comments.
MXit Channel : MXIT-/textspeak friendly channel.
Music Channel : Sing without the worry of being heard.
New Social : How to add a new social to the game.
Newbietalk : Where fledgling players get their questions answered.
Noinfo : This will turn toggle certain game messages.
Note Editor : Commands to use while in the note editor.
Note Writing : How to post notes on Aardwolf's forums.
Notes : How to read Aardwolf's note (forum) system.
Nowar : Will turn the warfare channel off and on.
Page : Command to 'beep' another player to get their attention
Pchat : Aardwolf Hold 'em table chat
Pray : Used to get Immortals' attention. Use SPARINGLY.
Pretitle : Short title that will appear before a players name.
Question : Channel specific to MUD advice.
Quiet : Turn almost all channels on/off simultaneously.
Quote : Insert your favorite quote here!
Racetalk : Talk with others of the same race.
Replay : Store and later display tells for convenient reading.
Say : Help on various communication commands.
Shelp : Shows the output messages for a social.
Smote : Special form of emote.
Socials : Predefined actions that players can carry out.
Sports : channel for discussion of real-life sporting events.
StrictPager : Information on the 'Strict Pager' toggle.
Subscribe : Filter desired boards for quick-reading
Supernewbie : Chat channel for quest sitters.
Team : Laser tag chat channel.
Tech : Channel for technical problems/questions/comments.
Tell : Private communication between players.
Trivia : The global trivia channel.
Wangrp : Where to find a buddy for levelling.
Yell : Sends a message to players in the same area as you.