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Help Category : Communication.
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Last Updated : 2023-04-09 00:31:07.
Syntax: ignore (<playername>)

Ignoring a player will prevent them from having contact with you. You will not see them talking on public channels, they will not be able to send you tells or socials and you will not see them 'say' or 'emote' to others.

To ignore someone, use 'ignore <name>'. You may have up to ten players on ignore at any one time. Type 'ignore' with no arguments to see a list of the players you have ignored. Use 'ignore <name>' again to remove them from this list.

Ignored players will still be visible in the room, and channel history will still include ignored players. Ignoring mobiles or Immortals has no effect. Ignore does not check for a valid name, so make sure the name is spelled correctly.

Keep in mind that if you are ignoring another player the same rules apply as if you are the one being ignored. By doing so you are removing your freedom to contact that player in any fashion. For instance, you are not allowed to send personal notes or direct 'say' statements toward someone you have ignored. It is also not okay to temporarily remove the player from ignore in order to send them a tell, then place them back on your ignore list immediately after - make a decision and stick with it.

It is okay for epic run leaders to temporarily unignore someone just before an epic run and then re-ignore them afterward specifically for the purpose of allowing free community participation in the run, as long as the toggling is just being a gracious host.

Players will receive a notification that they have been added to your ignore list. They will also receive a message when attempting to contact you, and you will show up on 'who ignored' if done by that player.

Continued contact with a player that has you ignored (via notes or using alts/etc.) is considered harassment and is against the rules- see 'help policies3'. It is *not* illegal to PK someone who is ignoring you, that is explained in 'help ignorepk'.

When a player who has ignored you writes a note in the ideas forum, it is okay to reply to their note as long as you are only critiquing their idea. The moment that you directly address the poster of the note, or any issues regarding the poster, then the note is considered a form of harassment.