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Help Category : Communication.
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Last Updated : 2013-11-30 08:43:01.
Syntax: pretitle <string> : Sets your pretitle.
pretitle clear|remove : Removes your pretitle.
pretitle <char> <string|clear> : Sets/clears others' pretitle.(Imm-only)

A pretitle is a small non-colored phrase that will appear before your name on 'who', 'whois', and other places. For example, if a player named Ivar decides to have the pretitle 'Lord' and has set the title ', True King of Aylor', his name will show on channels as 'Lord Ivar', and whois/etc. will show as 'Lord Ivar , True King of Aylor'.

It costs 2 trivia points to set a new pretitle on yourself. To set a pretitle, type 'pretitle <pretitle>'. You will be prompted to confirm the choice with 'pretitle <pretitle> confirm'.

There is a maximum limit of 10 characters, and spaces are allowed. The first character of a pretitle is automatically capitalized. Player and monster names may not be set with this command. Common pretitles that are also monster keywords (King, Lady, etc.) may be set by an Immortal.

Refunds will not be given for misspelled/incorrect pretitles. If a pretitle is found to be offensive (as determined by the Immortals), it will be removed without compensation. Because pretitles are not an essential part of the game, there is no appeal process to keep (or force removal of) a pretitle.

To clear a pretitle you have set on your character, type 'pretitle clear' or 'pretitle remove'; this is free. You may toggle whether others' pretitles are displayed with the 'nopretitle' command.

There is also a video which shows pretitle help on Aardwolf: