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{Chaotic Stats}

Current Members: 61

Current Leaders: Argen, Eureka, Tzitzimime

A triple moonrise. Nuitari, Solinari and Lunitari crest the horizon simultaneously. The Three Moons of Andolor are a powerful force; their convergence signifies a period of powerful magical energy.

The Three Robes of CHAoS represent the traits associated with each of the Three Moons.

Black Robes derive their martial strength from Nuitari's dark light. The most aggressive and powerful members of the Chapter are charged with the defense of CHAoS and its allies.

Grey Robes are influenced by the pale grey light of Lunitari. They are the clan's masterminds, exploring hidden passageways and the far corners of the realm in search of secrets...and power.

White Robes exemplify the peaceful white light of Solinari. Members of this order are charged with aiding young spellcasters and bringing the worthy into the Alliance.

Each of The Three Orders work in tandem for the greater good of CHAoS, the mark of a strong, versatile and well-rounded clan. Members of the Chapter are expected to be independent, but will have the support of the entire Alliance if in need, and are expected to be ready to act if a clanmate or ally calls on them.

{CHAoS} has members from Australia, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, and the USA.

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