NOTE: As of July 19th 2014, DoH is no longer an active Aardwolf
      clan. This helpfile exists only to preserve DoH history.

The Disciples of Hassan (-DoH-) clan is a group of players who focus on team spirit and enjoying the game together in a friendly and relaxing environment. We welcome any players who desire to play this game on a regular basis and want to step up and experience what clan life is like. There is a lot to learn and we will help you achieve your goals in the realm of Aardwolf. More experienced players can make a difference and will be greatly appreciated as well.

We encourage any player with a nice personality and a real desire to improve himself to join and learn with us. No matter your experience, you have an opportunity to contribute and be a part of the family. Our clan is about respect for one other, having fun and helping each other. We expect our members to follow the rules at all times and we give them the freedom to develop their characters the way they want to.

If you have completed the Academy, are level 50 or above and are interested to join, information on how to apply and our complete requirements can be found at our website.

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