[The Children of Ba'alzamon]

But we are colloquially known as Baal. We are one of the older of the clans
on Aardwolf, created in March of 97, among the second wave of clans added (6
in the first wave, 4, including us, in the second wave).

Aardwolf is _not_ a WoT based MUD. It is more of a generic enjoyment MUD.
While there are 3 areas based on the widely popular WoT series there, Clan Baal
is the only WoT based clan. It's a mad romp for the forces of evil. Though
admittedly there are plenty of Children of Light wanna-be stylized clans.

We have taken some creative liberties with the WoT series in order to help create
a better environment. Most noticeable is the Ebony Dagger branch. Nowhere in
WoT is this mentioned, but it is an integral part of our clan. It was added to
give our warriors and PKers a focus, some organization. We don't need mindless
killers, we need focused assassins. We need people willing to be part of a team.

What we do as a clan is focus on the aspects of gaining power that most consider
to be traditionally evil. We raid other clans, we engage in the limited PK
available, and we try to gain power both through the politics of clan life, as
well as through the leveling and adventuring system. Our rules tend to be focused
on advancing these goals. Unlike what might be considered normal PK clans on average
MUDs, we enforce a set of standards to keep ourselves from self-disintegrating like so
many other groups have done. We do not allow the belligerent behavior that normally
goes with these activities.

Established December of 1996.

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