The Crusaders hail from a lineage of noble knights who once roamed the land, vanquishing evil wherever it lurked. These valiant forebears, champions of righteousness, strayed from the virtuous path and, seeking redemption, constructed a magnificent temple to heal the sick and injured throughout the realm. However, a devastating attack nearly obliterated them, leaving only whispers of their legend in the annals of history.

From the shadows of exile, the survivors of that elder generation emerged, their spirits unbroken and their resolve unyielding, determined to rebuild what was lost. With the temple now restored to its former glory, the grand hall of the Crusaders stands open once more, a beacon of hope and justice, welcoming all adventurers and seekers of healing and rest.

Joining requirements:

To join the esteemed ranks of the Crusaders, one must be of good alignment, embodying the virtues of honor and valor. While there are no class restrictions, those without Cleric or Paladin remorts are required to choose one for their next remort, ensuring their path aligns with our sacred mission. Those interested should consult claninfo crusader to find out our requirements for applicants. Upon submitting their application, applicants will be contacted by a member of our application committee, who will provide a thorough explanation of our application process.

The path to joining the Crusaders is one of dedication and commitment, open to all who wish to stand against darkness and uphold the light.

For more information...

Visit our website or check out claninfo crusader in game.

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