The Crusaders are the descendants of a group of goodly knights who roamed the land, combating evil wherever they encountered it. The ancestors of the Crusaders, though noble and good, strayed from the path of righteousness and set about to atone by constructing a magnificent temple to heal the sick and injured throughout the realm. All but wiped out in a hostile attack on the temple, they were for many years only a distant memory, a legend. Recently, the survivors of the elder generation have emerged from exile and have set about the reconstruction of the great temple.

Joining requirements:

To join the clan a person must be good aligned. There is no class restriction; however, we require that those without Cleric or Paladin remorts choose one for their next remort. Interested persons should read Claninfo Crusader to find out our requirements for applicants. After the applicant has filed their application they will be contacted by a member of our application committee to have our application process explained in more depth.

For more information...

Visit our website or check out claninfo Crusader in game.

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