The Creation of Tao

Tao understands that people come to Aardwolf to have a good time, to relax, to get away from real life. With this in mind Tao offers a clan that doesn't require all members to be involved in everything. The clan is something for them to be a part of but not to the detriment of their enjoyment in their individual playing style, having to feel restricted by having to sit at levels, give all their gold or quest points, or have alignment requirements. Tao enables these people to join and be more of a part of the clan if they so choose.

The first steps within Tao are to have members gain an understanding of clans in general, and Tao specifically. We don't force our members to be involved, we don't force them to come to meetings, we don't force them to give us all their gold. But if they desire to be more involved they are welcomed to proceed onto further steps of Tao.

These further steps are the paths of Creativity and Self-Advancement. Progression further down the steps of Tao requires that members will have to show dedication to the clan and actually achieve something. Through creativity they are expected to make up descriptions for mobs/items/rooms for the clan and also offer the service of creating these for other people that are not part of the clan. Through self advancement they are expected to donate to the clan via gold and information on the world of Aardwolf.

Each member does not have to travel this far down the path, it is up to each individual, although there are incentives.



  • Hopefuls are able to, but not expected to vote on various clan upgrades or other matters that come up to a clan vote. People at this rank are not expected to donate to the clan, but it is appreciated. Hopefuls can interview applicants, but must have a person at Follower rank or higher present while they do the interview. The maximum amount of Hopefuls at any one time is 3, it will never be more then 3 but may become less.
  • Hopefuls votes count as half.


  • Believers are able to vote on all votable matters. Believers can interview applicants, but must have a person at Follower rank or higher present while they do the interview. A person at this rank is not expected to donate but is expected to be active.
  • Believers votes count as 1.


  • The members of this rank are expected to vote on everything that requires a vote to be cast. They can interview applicants freely if they wish to do so. At this rank members may choose to stay at this rank, or may further their role in the clan by choosing to follow one of two paths: Creativity or Self-Advancement. Followers may undertake some of the activities carried out by either path, to ascertain which the best is for them, and to prepare themselves for promotion.
  • Follower votes count as 1.


  • The members of this rank are expected to come up with descriptions for items/mobs/rooms for the clan as the funds become available and as they are requested. They will also offer the service of creating descriptions (manor, room, restrings, etc) for those not part of the clan.
  • Maker votes count as 2.


  • The members of this rank are expected to be the major donators. Reapers are the levelers on the clan, hunting for resources where they can find it, such as from gold from mobs to selling items out to other players. They are expected to also be the main source of the clan's knowledge of the world of Aardwolf.
  • Reaper votes count as 2.


  • Those at this rank should endeavor to help out members of the clan wherever possible. Guides do as their rank suggests: guide those in need. While this includes clan members at all times, when an outsider requires some assistance that a Guide can give, it should be given. Guides help settle disputes and tell the leaders if someone has broken rules or done something that doesn't follow the theme. They are also here to help those outside of the clan understand the workings of the clan.
  • Guides votes count as 3.

Tao Incarnate

  • These are the leaders of the clan, they should provide everything that Guides do. They should organize the voting of upgrades and anything else that might require a vote. They are to tally up votes and keep the members informed of what is going on.
  • Tao Incarnates votes count as 3.

Public Clan Hall

The Collective Mind of Tao


In order to join the clan a person will be required to first write a note to the clan, detailing a little about themselves, their character and why they would like to join. The person is then required to find people of the required rank to interview them, with 3 interviews being the minimum required. These 'interviews' are conducted to familiarise the interviewer with the applicant, for the applicant to see if they would fit with clan ideals and for the member to see if they feel the applicant will fit in. Applicants may have as many interviews as they wish, and the results shall be written up by the interviewer and posted to the clan for viewing. Leaders will open the vote for allowing the applicant to join after the third interview review has been posted. Applicants will be accepted after the number of votes is totaled, and positive notes equal to 75% or more of votes made. The applicant will be required to be level 600 or greater, and have 2 quests complete for every level gained (Campaigns count as 5 quests).

One more thing - we cannot accept character who have clanned alts. If you have an alt char, he/she cannot be clanned...if this is so, you will not be accepted to Tao.

Current Roster

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Miscellaneous Info

  • Founded in 2003 by Servus, Ronnie, and Dreamfyre

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